Get to know the blogger behind the blog #1

Before I’ m going to post anything, I thought it might be nice to introduce myself, so here we go!

My name is Maryan, I’m 14 years old. I live in Birmingham,UK but was born in the Netherlands and am biologically Somali. Next to reading I also love writing and a big passion of mine is internetting. My typical go to sites are YouTube, tumblr and pinterest.

I love talking about books and so are most of my friends (both in IRL and online). I thought it might be nice to start a blog to pour my heart out about the books I hate, love and everything in between.Next to me fangirling about books on this blog, you can also find me fangirling about TV shows and movies, and all the book-to-movie/TV adaption(s) I pray won’t flop.

The schedule for this blog will be that on Mondays I will do tags, Wednesdays will be reserved for TFW (Top 5 Wednesday) and Friday will be anything I want to talk about/discuss, new books that I’m looking forward to etc. The reason why I’m only doing three days is because I want to produce good blog posts consistently and I don’t want to burn myself out doing 5 blog posts a week.

So I hope you’ll enjoy this blog and don’t be afraid to send me a message, I’d love to make new friends!

Remember you only have one book life.



2 thoughts on “Get to know the blogger behind the blog #1

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere Maryan! I’m so excited to see what you have to share.
    I think it’s totally awesome that you have a set schedule! Quality over quantity for sure. I usually post every day only due to the fact that all this stuff is in my head that I need to post and it ends up being posts almost every day.
    Welcome once again, and I am totally following you! 😆

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