Top 5 Chapter Tittles (T5W) #2

First off I’m sorry for the late upload, just when I promised uploads on a Wednesday I’m already failing my goals. My excuse is that the internet was down and my neighbors refused to give me their WiFi pass code.

Nevertheless, I present to you the tag!

5) Teacher’s Dead by Benjamin Zephaniah41U1D5rbZJL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

Before I get into the actual chapter headings HELLO the guy has a really cool surname, it sounds like the name of a rock band. He also grew up in Birmingham,UK which is where I live, I’m a proud Brummie!

Zephaniah’s tittles are straight to the point and get me intrigued, making me want to read on even though I should be doing other stuff. So I would definitely recommend his stuff but I think that you should read Teacher’s Dead first before Gangsta Rap because it is only 300 pages odd long.

4) The Angelfire trilogy


This trilogy is centered around a girl with magic powers which is dragged into fighting demon like creatures and I would say off the top of my head that I would recommend these books to people who like The Mortal Instruments series. The actual chapter tittles are realistic, relatable and a tad bit sarcastic.

3) Twilight


I think now that the films are finished and the hype has died down, it is the prime time to start the Twilight Saga. Again the reason why I like the chapter tittles is because the are mysterious, short and to the point. They also hint at things that may happen in the chapter ahead and can sometimes be misleading.

2) The Percy Jackson series


It is never too late to read the Percy Jackson series and the movies are very misleading and are nothing compared to the books. My reasoning with the chapter tittles of the books for all of Rick Riordan’s books in general is that they are funny and in most cases sarcastic, especially i the Percy Jackson series. They also don’t give too much away and are very literal.

1) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


The reason why CATCF was ahead of Percy Jackson is because of the nostalgia I feel every time I hear anything to do with CATCF or Roald Dahl. Also as an 8 year old reading this book for the very first time the tittles really helped with helping make predictions with where the book was going to go and again, the tittles were very literal.

So that was it, again I’m very sorry for the late upload!

Always read what you want to because you only have one book life, live it!



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