Hi, summer is now upon us which means that British weather plays up more than usual. Summer is also the best time to relax and sink into a great book lying  in the sun with a LOT of sun screen.It would therefore be an appropriate time to publish this kind of post.  So, let’s begin!

To me, a beach read is one that is indicative of the environment in which you are going to read the book(s). I like to read books that are set in a place near or on a beach as it allows me to feel connected to the story in a physical sense but for me the story doesn’t necessarily have to take place at the beach or any other summery location.

I typically read anything during the summer months as long as they are not too heavy and are generally on the lighter side I have thus complied a list of twelve books that are based around those preferences. These books are a mixture of books on my TBR this summer and books that I recommend for the summer that I read last year.

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– Maryan


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