T5W|Characters that Deserve their own Series

Today’s or should I say yesterday’s Top 5 Wednesday is Characters That Deserve Their Own Series. Here is the link to the Top 5 Wednesdays Group on Goodreads, this was created by gingereadslainey.

Chaol from the Throne of Glass series

I would like to hear more about Chaol from the Throne of Glass series. I have only read the novella (The Assassin’s Blade) and the first book so I don’t know too much about him but I’m intrigued to find out more about him when I get onto reading Crown of Midnight. I think a series about his time before he met Celaena would be very interesting, especially in this world that I have grown to like through the two books that I have read thus far.

Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is one of the few classics that I have loved reading this year so far in my challenge to read more classics and when I was reading the book I kind of felt like Jay Gatsby was a very mysterious character, it was part of his charm. Although I would have loved a separate book based on Jay Gatsby’s meeting with Daisy Buchanan or just a book based solely around Jay in general.

Isaac from The Fault In Our Stars

Of course, this is a very popular choice that I have seen in the book community but the reason why I would like a story on Isaac is to see the world (sorry for the pun in advance!) from a blind person’s point of view (again!).

Miles “Pudge” Halters from Looking Fro Alaska

I want to see if he got his great perhaps.

Lane from Extraordinary Means

I would like to see how life is after Latham House for Lane and see if it was anything like he was expecting it to be. I would also love to see how having TB changes Lane.

Sorry for the late upload but by the way this was a really hard one to think about, but in retrospect it wasn’t that hard because I always root for the underdogs, not that any of these are underdogs.


4 thoughts on “T5W|Characters that Deserve their own Series

  1. Yes Isaac! And I would like to have another Pudge book, too, just because I’m curious as to how his friendship with the Colonel would hold up in the wake of LFA’s conclusion. As for Lane, I feel like EM, from his pov, is a coming of age story, about how he makes sense of his reality after the diagnosis, how that changes him or how he see things? Idk.


    1. Yes, I feel like that about EM too, and I would love a sequel of EM just to see where in his life he is post TB. Sorry I forgot to reply to your comment, I feel like a jerk if that makes you feel any better


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