Arc August | Week 1 & 2 update

This reading challenge was made by readsleeprepeat as a way to read the most e-arcs possible in an interactive way. I’ve got lot’s of high priority e-arcs to read – 11 to be exact – which are all very interesting and intriguing.  Although in true bookworm style I have requested 3 more from Netgalley. I’ve surprised myself with the amount I’ve read, which has managed to get me out of this reading slump that I’ve had which is a plus! Even though this is a low pressure read a thon, it has motivated me to read more and I’ve had a pleasant experience using my phone to read the e-arcs.

 Finished e-arcs


*If you click on the picture of the book, if I have written a review it will lead you to it.

Current read

I’m roughly in the middle of this book which I am loving so far and I’ll tell you a couple of reasons why:

The world building is awesome.

I love the writing style.

Interesting dynamics between all the different characters/species.

Plot twists!!

And many more which you will see in my review of this which is coming soon.

To be read for this week


Well that’s it guys, I didn’t expect to read this many books but so far so good!

How are you doing with ARC August? Let me know in the comments. Check back next Wednesday for update #2.



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