Top Five Wednesday | Favorite Things About BookBlogging

Hello fellow bloggers! I haven’t done a T5W in about two/three weeks now so it’s good to slip back into my posting schedule, fingers crossed I keep it up! I was sooo excited to see this when I looked over the topics for T5W September 2015 as I obviously love to blog about books especially – not that I have another blog – for a whole host of reasons which I will get into. This will be in no particular order as I can’t just choose one specific thing about blogging that I love the most so I will just be typing whatever comes to mind.

Motivation to read more 📖

Book blogging I have noticed has got me more pumped and excited to read books as I am exposed to a variety of them. I am also more determined to find time to read more as I want to be able to read books that I have read great reviews of from people whose opinions I trust.

Book lovers around the 🌍 unite

Due to the fabulous invention of the internet, I have been able to interact with people all around the world which I could not do IRL. Allowing me to read the opinions of people who live in a different culture and we may be talking about the same book but we’ll both have different interpretations and are thus united in our love of books.

Feeling the 💝

Speaking of uniting, the book blogging community – at least from my experience thus far – has to be one the most kind and open minded community on the internet. When I look through comments on my posts and on others posts all I see is positive feedback and constructive criticism.

Flexing the writing 💪

This is my outlet, where I enjoy writing out of school assignments and my story. This blog is not just another way to write, it’s a way to write about my passion for books and reading and have other people actually relate to what I am saying and that is wonderful!
Now reading that sentence back I can see how corny it is but it is true and I’m not at all embarrassed but proud of this community for staying positive in a time where people are addicted to being outraged.

A sense of schedule 😎

As I post on this blog three times a week (well try to) it has become very much part of my schedule now and sometimes keeps me on track for that day and keeps me from just marathoning whichever TV show I’m watching and be productive. I look forward to writing about books to my followers an reading posts which keeps me sane when I can’t talk to anyone IRL about books when for example I’ve just finished a book which has blown my mind. I’m looking at you What You Left Behind.😒

So what do ya think? Is there something you think I’ve left out?
I’d love you to let me know in the comments! Until next time, keep marching onto that GoodReads goal.



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