I’m back! + T5W + Schedule changes

As the title suggests, I’m back! I’ve been swamped with life, school and everything in between but fear not. I am back to posting regularly I hope and actually enjoying blogging. Which leads me onto my next point which is to blog twice a week instead of three times as I have a lot going on and I may upload three posts here or there but I don’t want to take another long break from blogging like this again. It is my fault as I thought that I could do more than I actually could and it just got on top of me until I decided to take a break so that I look forward to posting.From now on my posts may not be about books all the time because that’s the other thing, I found that restricting myself to only writing about books made me not want to post because I don’t feel like writing about books ALL the time, between reading them, talking to people both IRL and online about books and being surrounded by them constantly I wanted a break and I kinda got into a book slump. What will I be talking about? For now I don’t know, maybe this will be my outlet for rants or fangirling of the music variety. Maybe I’ll just talk about current affairs and stuff that’s going on in the world that really strikes a chord with me but whatever it is, I really hope you guys like the changes I plan to put in place in the next few weeks. One thing for sure, I plan on continuing top five Wednesday so there is a constant in my uploading schedule and at least one post a week.

Top Five Wednesday

I don’t remember not finishing FIVE books as I hate to leave things unfinished (even though I completely hate them) which is so I can have the credibility of saying I have finished the book and I thought it was terrible.

Code Name Verity (Code Name Verity, #1)

This one was just dreadful, I did not like the writing style and I struggled to get through a couple of chapters let alone the whole series.I read this on a suggestion from a friend of mine due to the fact that I had just sped through The Book Thief and I needed more historical fiction to fill that sweet spot which Code Name Verity did not manage to do.

Cloud Atlas

I had picked this one up on a whim as I had heard about it and was curious to see what the fuss was about. I don’t want to be harsh but in simple terms this was boring and I was finding myself justifying trudging though this book. I have not watched the film and because of the book I have no desire to anytime soon.

My Swordhand is Singing (My Swordhand is Singing, #1)

I was a descent amount through this book when I felt the story halt to a stop, nothing was happening and it seemed like the pace would not pick up anytime soon so I though that I would put this aside and possibly pick this back up sometime in the future but I’m not sure that will be happening anytime soon.

So that is it, I feel so weird typing this fast again but hopefully this works out. Once again, keep marching on.White-Background-worldnews


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