🍁Favourite things about autumn🍁

As I am well aware, winter is fast approaching but fall is my favourite season so I decided that it deserved a post or two? Even though fall has its disadvantages, for me there are a lot of things that fall brings and here is a list of reasons for why fall is my favourite season:
I now have an excuse to drink hot chocolate by the gallon
Being able to swish through the leaves on the ground
Just right weather- perfect time to wear lots of layers
I can bring out the scarves and gloves
My birthday 🎂 month is in fall – I’m a December baby!
Beautiful sunrises 🌇
I read con considerably more due to the colder weather
Halloween 🎃
Leaves blowing in the wind 🎑
Festive feeling
Christmas lights are put up around the city centre where I live
At the very end of fall, the German markets start setting up shop
Christmas movies – movies galore
Fuzzy socks!
Being able to wrap yourself in your bed covers without waking up feeling like the sun’s surface the next morning
People are smiling more and generally more happy vibes:)
Cold rosy cheeks mildly red from the wind
A lot of TV shows come back around this time of year
Can go back into hibernation – wearing hoodies, flannels and sweaters virtually 90% of the time
Candles, bring me the candles!
Seasonal products


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